The Green Home Tour Effect

Our family business, Olde Heritage Builders, has participated in the Wake County Home Builders Association’s Parade of Homes every year since 1986. That is a lot of parade homes. We have accumulated over 35 awards during that 24 year period. But as my father has always said, “those plaques don’t pay the bills” or “sold is better than gold.” He would agree however that the opportunity to have green homes on public display on a large scale is priceless for our small family business. We have built quite a following over the years and normally have between two to three thousand visitors each fall. Each year we build custom homes for clients who have visited our parade homes in the past.

For the past 3 years we have participated in the Green Home Builders of the Triangle “Spring Green Home Tour.” This event is much smaller then the Parade of Homes but it is very niche and focused driven. That means the people who come know what they are looking at or are looking for more green building knowledge. These homes are toured from framing stage, completion, or in between. People love seeing what’s behind the walls of a home touted as being green. There’s not many “tire kickers” coming to a green home tour. Most people come “loaded for bear” with questions, comments, and opinions. It is a great experience from my prospective, because those visitors are my target market.

We have picked up one custom home project each year we have participated. If you are a builder or a homebuyer looking for green, I highly recommend you ask for local green builders to come together for such an event. If you have a person interested in participating in such a tour, please call your local Home Builders Association and suggest they consider a local Green Home Tour. These tours not only bring awareness to the green home but the green movement in general. Green Building is not a fad; it is a permanent facet of the industry to build better homes. Tours also promote educational awareness, the local economy, and enable local residents to benefit as well. Please visit click here to view the web page on our local tour here in Raleigh, NC region. We are happy to share what we know. That is how we all learn.

If you would like more information about green building, read our green building presentation, give us a shout at 919-269-4555 or fill out our contact form.


“That Green Builder Guy” Chad Ray

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