Standard Green Building Features

  • Natural Resources Preservation Plan for each home determining how to best manage storm water, tree protection, maintain wildlife habitat, and protect natural features.
  • Stumps and limbs grinded for mulch, logs are milled and not wasted.
  • All crawlspaces are insulated, sealed, and conditioned. We do this to reduce air conditioning loss over 35%, negate any chance of mold or mildew, reduce hardwood floor warranty issues, and make for a more comfortable living environment.
  • Our framers use a detailed framing plan to reduce waste. We use many engineered framing materials that provide a superior strength product but use less old growth timber. All of our framing waste is recycled. Our floor, wall and roof panels are OSB with no formaldehyde creating healthier indoor air. Our floor panels Advantech, is a superior product with a 50 year warranty. Our wall panel ZIP system is a superior product sealing out moisture and air loss. Our roof panel Techshield, reduces attic temperatures over 30 degrees saving lots of money on air conditioning.
  • All plastic, cardboard and sheetrock is recycled.
  • Composite exterior products such as Hardiplank and Miratec all come with superior warranties and contain recycled products. Our brick and stone are all chosen from sources less than 250 miles away reducing transportation costs.
  • We use Boracare termite treatment. The product is based off a salt brine mixture. The warranty is much better than conventional termite treatment with no toxic chemicals sprayed under the home.
  • Every house is certified Energy Star. For the life of the home the homeowner will receive a 5% discount on monthly utility bills. The home has been third party certified to meet a thorough checklist of over 50 items. Some of these features include thermaply in all knee walls/unfinished areas, blocking and sealing of all framing gaps and cracks, and high quality insulation and HVAC installation.
  • High Quality insulation Package that exceeds codes by 20%.
  • Our Atrium windows are the highest rated Energy Star windows on the market with Low-E glass and Argon gas.
  • Future Homes to have Solar thermal hot water systems are roughed in for the future. The sun can provide 75% of all costs needed for hot water. The system comes with a tax credit f over 50%.
  • Future Homes are prewired for Energy Management System. This appliance is a smart box for the homes electrical need and manages its power. This appliance is capable of reducing power bills by as much as 25%.
  • All landscaping grass, bushes, trees, and shrubs are drought tolerant and low maintenance.
  • Appliances are energy Star.
  • All refrigerants are CFC free which helps save our ozone.
  • Composite decking with 25 years warranty made from recycled content with no paint, stain or splinters.
  • PET carpet technology with 100% recycled content and superior warranty and increased indoor air quality.
  • All glues, solvents, paints, stains, caulks, and urethanes are low or no VOC. This reduces toxic off gassing greatly increasing indoor air quality.
  • Many light fixtures including all recessed bulbs are CFL.
  • Hardwood floors come from local sustainable companies and finished with water based stains and urethanes that come with a better warranty and no fumes like their oil based counterparts.
  • Fresh air ventilation capable of 1 complete air exchange ever 24 hours.
  • Homeowner manual that illustrates all feature, how to maintain, and how to get the most from your Energy Star Home.

Everything we do has a more positive impact on the overall environment than homes without green features. CO2 emissions are as much 35% less. Green built homes are better built homes. They perform better. They are more durable and require less maintenance. They have superior indoor air quality that greatly increases the health of your family short and long term. And last but not least, is a step in the right direction of saving our planet from global warming.

R. Chad Ray Builder

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