Green Building

Restoring our World, One Home at a Time

As personal and private as our homes may seem, on a fundamental level we all share the same home. We all live downstream from one another. Retreating to less populated areas or building bigger walls around our yards or our neighborhoods are only short-term solutions.

We can start making changes now in our own homes that will put us on the road to a healthier and more environmentally sustainable future. Even small steps-replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights, improving our homes’ insulation, introducing fewer harsh chemicals into our living spaces – can make a difference if we all take part and if we thing about each change not as an end in itself but as a step along the path to creating a better future. We have a choice about the kind of legacy we’ll leave. In the future, we may be vilified as the ones who grabbed the best of the planet’s resources, or we may be honored as the ones who worked to create prosperity and good health for all. The legacy won’t come entirely from the choices we make about our homes, but it’s a good place to start.

We can start making changes now in our own homes.

Build Better, Build Green

“100% of our homes are Energy Star and Green Build Certified through the Green Builders of the Triangle program” – Chad Ray, President, Olde Heritage Builders and Chair Green Builders of the Triangle.

“Olde Heritage Builders is committed to family and our future. Our business culture places the highest values on the families of our employees, our trade partners and our clients. That is the best reason to build green. It is our future”

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