“It’s not enough to be greener, you have to be better.”

April 23rd, 2010 | Green Building Tips | 6 Comments »

Since 2003, Olde Heritage Builders we have committed to certifying 100% of all our homes Energy Star and NAHB green.  During those seven years we have learned many things about building science and the “how to” that really is green building.  We have become known as “the green building” company here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I provide this background information in order to explain the title.  “It’s not enough to be greener, you have to be better.”

Green building has definitely made us a better company and helped us tremendously during a down market.  However, just because we build green doesn’t guarantee success.  All of the core principles my parents put in place for over 20 years – prior to us building a green home – are the foundation of our success. Examples of those principles include:

  • build a good team of people who you can rely on
  • treat all people respectfully
  • be honest
  • keep open lines of communications
  • “don’t be too big for your britches”

That last one is one of those slogans you just have to be from here to understand.  Simply put, we want to be the best, not the greenest.  Green building is part of being the best.  No one could  can honestly state that a home that uses less energy, has safer indoor air, requires less maintenance, is more durable, holds and builds more value, and has less impact on our global environment, isn’t a home that is better than one  that does not have those characteristics.

But its just one piece to the puzzle.  For all of us in any industry we have to be the best we can be to help us survive and thrive in the future.  Never forget we can do things the right way and still be successful. To learn  more about green building, please call 919-269-4555 or complete the contact form on our website.

6 responses to ““It’s not enough to be greener, you have to be better.””

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