Green Building Will Become the Norm

April 15th, 2010 | Green Building Tips | 10 Comments »

In upcoming years I believe the building terms of “green“, “high performance”, “Energy Star”, and other terms will fade away and become the building standards. At Olde Heritage Builders, we achieve silver certification levels and HERS scores of 52 without adding more than 3% more to the price of a house. In the years to come, there will be no additional cost to build a home of this caliber. Standards and codes will increase while material supplies and skilled labor will also increase causing prices to declining.

We need to be building as many homes with green technology right now because lifetime costs saving outweigh any up front small costs. I hear many arguments that adding any additional costs to new homes is a bad thing. My response is “indoor plumbing added costs, but I sure am glad we did it.”

We in the building industry have to make sure we always build homes that the market can afford as we are still providing the American Dream. However, in my opinion, we equally must provide new housing that uses less energy that save money every month, has safer indoor air for healthier families, low maintenance, highly durable homes that will be more valuable by the future.

We can do this all having less impact on our global environment and adopt these new standards industry wide for the long term sustainability of our industry. If you would like to learn more about green building technologies, just give us a call at 919-269-4555 or visit our website for more information.

10 responses to “Green Building Will Become the Norm”

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