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As we face our daily battles of life, often the “dog that barks the loudest, gets the bone.” We put other things like exercise, sitting down with the family for dinner, and going out of our way to help others, on the back burner. For most Americans another example of this mentality is choosing to keep paying high utility bills rather than making our homes more energy efficient. I too am guilty of this in some ways. In the not too distant future this may change however.

As energy prices permanently rise and we start having to pay the “true” costs of cheap dirty energy, we won’t have the luxury as a nation to just keep paying the bills. In parts of Europe right now each home is assigned a rating, according to how much energy the house uses. The more energy a home uses compared to those around it present a dilemma for those homeowners. Do I make changes to my lifestyle or make improvements to use less energy, or do I take the risk of my home not being as valuable as other would be. In this country we are rating homes as well. Each new Energy Star house audit is assigned a HERS score.

Home Energy Ratings (HERS) provides a method to ensure energy and quality performance and communicate the value of energy efficiency to home buyers according to Green Build Media. The HERS scale is 0 to 150. HERS of 0 is a home that uses no net energy. HERS of 150 is a home that uses 50% more energy than that of a typical new home. The typical existing home has a HERS of 130 and the base line of an Energy Star new home is 80. Our homes at Olde Heritage regularly score HERS 50-65, meaning our homes are as much as 80% more efficient than the typical existing homes.

In certain places like the state of California and the city of Austin, Texas more emphasis is being put on every home having a HERS score both new and existing. As energy prices and demand increase I believe that the HERS measurement tool will become much more widely used in determining home values. The higher the HERS score, the higher the energy bill. Remember those four letters; you will definitely see them again.

If you would like more information about reducing your HERS score or about green building, please call us at 919-269-4555 or fill out our contact form.


“That Green Builder Guy” Chad Ray

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