Community Outreach

We operate our business based on three guiding principles.

  1. Profit – We must make a profit in order to stay in business.
  2. Planet – We will constantly reduce our footprint we make on the planets resources.
  3. People – From the profit we make we will use at least 10% of that to help other people.

When we say community outreach we mean helping others. We will post pictures and text here of just some of the things we do to help other people. We try to be an example of how businesses can help make a positive difference in peoples lives.

Veterans Day 2009

We went to DC to celebrate the Veterans Day.

Please watch this video above.

Duke Radiothon 2009

Community Outreaches

For the second year in a row, Olde Heritage Builders made a $15,000 check presentation that was matched on air by WRAL 101.5 Radiothon Listeners. We made contributions from every house sold last year to reach this goal.

Wilson HBA Green Building Seminar 2009

Community Outreaches

I meet with many builders all over the state talking to them about the importance of green building and how it can make positive impact for them and the planet. This event was at the Wilson County HBA.

East Wake Academy Earthday 2008

Community Outreaches

Each Earthday we meet with over 1000 kids from local elementary schools. We teach them about recycling, reusing, and reducing their environmental footprint. We provide them with Earth Day stickers, pencils, coloring books, and other things.

Bunn High at Dume Childrens 2008

Community Outreaches

We mentor to many teenagers but specifically the football players at Bunn High School. This photo is a trip to Duke children’s Hospital where they hosted an ice cream party for the out patient children and toured the hospital itself. it was a great day for everyone.