2010 Green Miracle Home Project to Benefit Duke Children’s Hospital

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Is the glass half-full or half-empty? We’ve all been taught the difference in the meaning of these two ways of looking at a problem, and we each have the choice every day to plan carefully, work hard, and pray diligently that today’s glass will, at the end of the day, runneth over. And while it is hard at times to stay focused on that goal, ultimately it is the only path to long term peace and happiness.

Everyone would agree the last couple of years have been difficult. There will always be peaks and valleys in our economy, always have been and always will be. However, the challenge after this recession seems different in some way. I believe we all must find our niche and have a passion for our careers in order to be successful both personally and professionally. At Olde Heritage Builders we do our very best to be relevant and innovative by only building homes that are truly green. We are also committed to helping people along the way. We are passionate about what we do.

I mention the above to lay groundwork for explaining why we are building the 2010 Green Miracle Home to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital. This will be the fifth year we have partnered with Duke, and we have donated $1,000.00 from each home sold by Olde Heritage Builders during the past three years.

This year we are partnering with Duke Children’s, WRAL Mix 101.5 FM, and Whitley Furniture Galleries to build a home in our award-winning Wakefield Meadows neighborhood in Zebulon, NC. All profits from the sale of this home will go to the Mix 101.5 radiothon in February. Radiothon has raised millions over the years to benefit patients and research at Duke Children’s Hospital. We feel the green home aspect is a great fit because one focus of green building is superior indoor air quality and its benefits to the health of the homeowners. The home features many wonderful features including sealed crawlspace and attic, coffered ceilings, CREE LED lighting, beautiful cabinetry and trim, an outdoor fireplace and serenity garden, and much more.

The project has given a boost to our team’s morale. Nearly every one of our trade partners has donated time, work, and materials to help the cause. We have had a lot of buyer interest in the home and are taking our mentioned half-full approach toward its early sale.

You have opportunities to partner with us as well. We will be hosting a Grand Opening Gala at the home from 5-8:00pm on October 2. We will offer wonderful catering, wine, and a jazz trio. Duke patient families and Mix 101.5 personalities will be there. Donations are accepted and will go to the Hospital. The home will also be open the first three weekends in October for the Wake County Parade of Homes. Hours are 12-5:00pm October 2 thru 4, 8 thru 10, and 15 thru 17. While the donation box will remain on site during these weekends, and any donations will be appreciated, they are in no way expected during the Parade of Homes.
Please join us and be a part of doing something wonderful for the children who so need the miracles they receive at Duke Children’s Hospital. I have spent a lot of time with many of these kids, and I can tell you, their glasses are always half-full.

To learn more about Olde Heritage Builders, green building, the Duke Children’s Green Miracle Home and much more, please visit our website or call 919-269-4555.

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